How many buckets of water can you fetch from the river? Does your village depend on you bringing buckets full of fresh water from the river or do you wait until someone else fetches the water and brings it to you? Next time, think about how much water it takes to quench the thirst of an entire village.




This song is infectious and is a #motivational jam

Village? Yes a village. You see, sometimes we work and work but don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Does it happen to you? All those advertising dollars spent, not even a single prospect let alone a lead. All those resume and job submissions and no interview. All those interviews and no job offers. All those job offers and no salary or start date. Yet, you still drive on. Why? Because you are doing it like the world depends on you.

All those resume and job submissions and no interview.



Download the Song #DoingItLikeTheWorldDependsOnYou


APP Development meets PODBUM, Yeah!

Is APP development getting out of hand? Everywhere you turn there is an APP for that? Interestingly, some of these APPS are not as value added as purported. So now what? What if you absolutely got to have that APP? Well, here is an APP you absolutely have to have: PODBUM APP.

This PODBUM APP developed by the cool folks at Hangout New Media Group allows listeners and music fans to get the latest releases including never before released outtakes from the Hangout Recordings vault. Plus, join their mailing list to receive updates.

Keep Moving Up by DJnumone


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