How PODBUM ® is Leading The New Disruption: Music Industry of Things (MIoT)

You’ve all heard of the saying:

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

What the music industry was projected to become 20 years ego
Digital Performance Rights envisioned

The same can be said about the music industry. The industry saw the first wave of change in the digital era in the 1990s. That’s when companies like The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) came to prominence.

Keep it 100

This era also saw such companies as Liquid Audio, Real Networks and even the infamous Napster take the music industry by storm.

Fast forward another twenty years we have YouTube, Spotify and oh, PODBUM?

Yes, PODBUM ®. You see, PODBUM ®’s parent Hangout Corporation has been there, done that and is thinking to the future as the new era is upon music once again.

We will coin this: Music Industry of Things (MIoT)



Get ready for an exciting change and era of unimaginable growth and opportunity for independent artist, producers and beatmakers. Now, music retail is seeing a come back with such platforms as #Shopify

Plug In Circa 1998

I remember attending Plug-In where the who of who in “Digital Music” were evangelizing about the future of music.

What does the future hold for music today?

PODBUM® App on Google Play

Well, with the advent of “Apps” music became easily accessible by fans. However, one pain-point that still remains today. Music “content” creators remain cut out of the value chain. The solution is PODBUM® Crypto Coin platform.

PODBUM® is leading the effort to dramatically transform the music industry. Learn more by downloading the White Paper and Roadmap


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